Wretched Brothers first recording. Impromptu jam session

This is an original song that I wrote.

Here is God Be Merciful To Me set to an original arrangement by Nathan Williams, played by The Wretched Brothers Band.

This is Beneath the Cross of Jesus set to modern music played by The Wretched Brothers Band along with special guests Sunny (vocals) and Daniel (piano)

This song was written by Nathan Williams.

Another song by Nathan

Spencer gave this classic a "wretched" spin

This is a cover of lonely road by Mike Farris. Check him out on iTunes and youtube.

Original song written by yours truly

Resurrection day special

Cover of Lonely People.

Original By Blane

Original By Nate

Overdubbed version of God Be Merciful

Cover of Old man by Neil Young

An old hymn, I had a cold during this so the vocals aren't great.

This is a song I made completely on my iPad

Original By Nate

New arrangement of Amazing Grace by Nate

Original By Me

Original By Me

Original By Me

Original By Nate

Jam Session By Nate

Original By Nate