Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Getting Logs This Weekend

Our logger just called and said he would finish cutting tomorrow and Thursday and have ALL of our logs delivered Friday and Saturday.
Allen, the guy who did the grading for the house pad is going to come out and help move the logs where we need them, and when Billy goes to get another load of logs Allen will begin working on digging our foundation. And hopefully we will have our foundation poured in the next three or four weeks.
After that it's just a matter of how long it will take to peel the logs, which depends on how much time we get to work on it and how much help we get, so anyone wanting free log de-barking experience can come on down, don't worry we have enough tools for everyone ;)

Our Church has started renting a building. As a Church we believe that the Bible speaks clearly about the bondage of debt and therefore we seek to remain debt free. We began meeting in houses and then in community centers and now we have had the opportunity to rent a building that is well within our means. We wish to keep our funds freed up from debt and other none essential and none Biblical expenditures so as to: minister to widows and orphans, take care of fellow believers, provide material and resources for the Body, support missionaries, ect.

And no, the big bus is not the Churches "activity bus" it actually belongs to one of the families in our fellowship.


This the dinning room and kitchen area


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