Thursday, March 11, 2010

A "Poem"

Here is a collection of poems I wrote that I thought would be good as one big poem.

Before time began in eternity past
Jesus agreed to leave his heavenly dwelling
And for transgressions that were not His own
The High King of Heaven would die to atone

The furry of His Father did He swallow down
Dealt to Him was the wrath intended for me
How could He die for me in painful agony 
Oh how could He die for a wretch like me

The King of Glory did gaze upon me
But in vain could I tell what He did see
For what reason did He pay the price so high
It must be Him for it cannot be I        
My soul, dost thou not feel love to Christ 
When remembering that He thinks thee comely
I cannot see anything fair in myself 
But He does and calls me all lovely

He must when looking at me see
Himself in I or at least what will be 
The perfect image of God from which He will
Chip away all imperfection till I be like him in full

Worthy is my King my Savior my Lord
Slain from the foundation of the world 
Great is my redeemer it is He I adore
Yet for grace to love him more 

A free will hast He given me 
But enslaved was it to my idolatry 
For the will of none be free save the King of Kings
For only His is unaffected solely His is free

Unfettered am I from my sin and idolatry 
Yet my will is still not my own 
Free from sin now enslaved to Christ 
He is my refuge His will is my home

 There must be millions who never knew Him
Still more that hate Him when He is known
To despise this King is the height of insanity
For worthy is He of praise whether thou benefit or not

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