Saturday, March 20, 2010


Makayla Grace is doing well and has gained over a pound and a half since we got her. She is already just about too big for the large salad bowl we were giving her a bath in.

We got some of our logs yesterday. The logger could not turn his truck into our driveway so we had to get an excavator to unload them 

Each log weighs between one and two thousand lbs. We were afraid that the CAT wouldn't do the job but it ended up doing fine.
He unloaded all the logs right next to our driveway so the logger could leave to get another load, and then we had to slowly carry each log up one at a time so our road wouldn't get messed up. 

Dad and I got the job of guiding the log as we went up so it wouldn't swing into the CAT, but after a few trips we decided it wasn't necessary. I still had to ride the CAT and jump off and unstrap the log whenever we got to the top. I kinda felt like I was one of those guys on American Loggers; I just need a good 40 in. bar chainsaw and I'd be good to go :)

It took a long time to get the logs up the hill and we still don't even have all of them up yet. It will probably be next week sometime before we get finished with the delivery. 

Gabby's birthday is tomorrow; she will be 9 years old.
I have a bad memory and couldn't even tell you what I had for lunch yesterday. In fact I can't remember most of my childhood life, but some things stand out in my mind and the memory of mom and dad bringing Gabby home from the hospital is one of those things. I remember that Holly and I had made a poster for her and I remember the moment they opened the door and we saw Gabby for the first time. 
I also remember when mom first found out she was pregnant with Gabby. When she found out she started screaming and hyperventilating at the same time, Carol Sue was at our house and thought someone must have died so she took me outside and sat with me on the front porch. Mom then came out to tell us the good news. 
It seems like it was only yesterday, time flies so fast

Gabby, being silly trying to do three things at once. She was browning meat with her hands, stirring sauce with her mouth and sweeping with a broom tied to her leg. She will be a great mom someday with her multi-tasking skills...and bow staff skills, num-chuck skills, computer hacking skills. (Let the reader understand) (or watch Napoleon Dynamite)  


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