Thursday, May 20, 2010

Feminism=The Exploitation Of Women

Feminism does not give happiness, freedom, and choice,
it gives misery, shame, heartache, and death.
Feminism has to be one of the biggest marketing schemes at least in the history of America.
It's not about the women's rights, or women's choice, it's about money.
I know this sounds like a Glen Beck conspiracy theory, but think about it,
if they were really all for the women's equality they would have all got behind 
Sarah Palin,they would have all stood up with and for the miss America girl
who kinda stood against homosexuality,
but that's not what it's really about.
The sad thing is is that so many people have been duped into thinking
that it is the politically correct thing to be pro choice, that it's a loving thing to 
allow women the right to kill there own baby if they wish,
and that is exactly what the abortionist want people to think.

Abortion=murder, There is no instance when it is ok, Incest, rape, ect.
Does not justify the killing of an innocent baby, nothing does.

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