Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fingers Crossed

I replaced the thermostat in my truck today, I have to wait 12 to 24 hours for the silicone gasket to cure and then I can start her up and see how she runs. It was only a few bucks for the thermostat so hopefully that fixed the problem and I won't have to get the water pump or radiator replaced.

Check it out! I saw this little guy a few days ago, but when I ran in to grab the camera he was gone, this time mom was there to keep an eye on him while I grabbed my camera. I have only seen one other frog  way back when me and dad were gutting the house last year, this guy was pretty cool looking.

I started reading Evangelism And The Sovereignty Of God by some guy whose name escapes me...
Anyway I've been studying systematic theology as well, and there are a lot of concepts in the Bible that are just plain old hard to understand, The Trinity for one, the Hypostatic Union, the sovereignty of God, the eternality of God and on and on. When you look at these things all you can do is just fall on your face and worship and say "Wow, God is so big and I am so small and ignorant."
For example, God knows everything I mean EVERTHING there is to know, He can learn nothing. He does not have to "recall" something or "remember" something as humans do, all knowledge is before Him continually. If you asked God what the square root of 7895645.896X786789+785678/8796785 cubed, He would have the answer before you finished the question. 
And then this, God is absolutely sovereign over all things including salvation, and yet he does not override the will of man in salvation. Everything that happens is caused by Him, yet He is neither the author nor conductor of sin, bad things happen, it's our fault, good things happen, God gets the credit. But He is still causing all things to happen in His providence.         
I like everything clear cut and set in stone and easy to understand,  so reading more about God just makes my little head explode. 
What a big God we have the privilege to serve.          

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