Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Well it turned out that the thermostat was bad and needed replacing in my truck, but the other day it started over heating again, I looked at it and it was leaking coolant where the thermostat housing was. I had bought a gel gasket maker that you squirt on and then it hardens up like rubber, and I thought I had done a poor job of making the gasket, but I pulled all my tools out to start working on it the other night and I found out that a machine screw was snapped right where the leak was, So at some point I'll go out and pick up some screws and hopefully that will be the end of my truck troubles for a while.

We have two logs left to peel on the last rack and then we have to peel the four logs that will be our lifting poles and then we will be completely finished with the peeling of the logs, we will probably finish those either today or tomorrow. Next on the list will be treating the logs, and we should be able to do that in a day or two.

If everything goes according to plan we should be stacking logs some time in July, we still have to cut the timber for our rafters and floor joist, then we will have someone come out to grade them and the logs, (Dad found out that the Haywood Community College has a log and lumber grading class and they will come out and grade your logs for next to nothing. Which is much better than the small fortune we were going to pay for someone out of state to come and grade the logs. )   then we will have to put the seal plate onto the foundation and have that inspected, and then we will be free and clear to start stacking.

Please pray for our family and especially Baby Girl to be protected from slander.

Ben was taking a nap the other day. I can see the window of mom and dad's room from the kitchen window and this is what I saw when Ben had awoken up from his nap. 

Baby Girl's personality is really starting to come out, and already we can tell that she is going to be just like her brother...very happy. I was holding her this morning trying to rock her to sleep and I started singing to her and she started cracking up. She is so precious and dear to us and we pray that the Lord allows her to stay with us.    

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