Thursday, July 29, 2010


Well, my squeaky clean driving record got a little less squeaky last night....

Officer Thompkins pulled Ted over to inform him that he was speeding, his brake lights weren’t working and his Christian fish emblem was a tad cliché.

I was driving home from worship practice, and I was on a long stretch of highway and was not paying attention to my speed. I was doing 75 in 60 mph zone. Lesson learned I guess, I'll be using cruise control from here on out. I'm going to court to request "prayer for judgment continuance" if granted and if don't get another ticket in one years time then the charge will be expunged and my insurance won't go up. But...If I get another ticket....krrrrch...that will not be good.

No word yet about the job I interviewed for.

The inspector came by and signed off on our foundation today...


  1. Wow, beat my first ticket by 5 mph... of course I was doing 70 in a 55... I guess we're even {0:

  2. lol i still haven't gotten a speeding ticket. i'm sure my day will come though

  3. If you wanted a speeding ticket I could spare a couple for you. I hope you are as lucky as i was.