Saturday, September 25, 2010

Two Week Update


Two Sundays ago was great as always. We stayed until almost 5 o'clock hanging out with the Blevins and Daniel. I like that our Church is small and we can develop close and meaningful relationships with everyone.


Ever since Spring began we have seen hot air balloons on our way to work every morning. I've been meaning to bring my camera along and catch a picture of it but never have. I finally brought my camera with me Monday and got some shots.


Dad took off work to work on the house. I went in to work and then met the family at the fair after I got off in the evening. We had a lot of fun.

Usually I'm not big on large crowds It's just not my thing, but it was a beautiful day at the fair and we had a lot of fun.

The family got there a while before I did. They said that Ben tried to ride a slow little baby ride and he cried and cried. After that I think he had fun.

Baby girl was just happy to be alive. 

I rode the ride that takes you up really high and then drops you really fast. Gabby wanted to ride it with me but she was not tall enough, so later on I went on the farris wheel with her. She was scared at first but enjoyed it close to the end.

Kiki went on one last ride before we left. Seeing the smile on her face was priceless.


Our chickens finally started laying eggs. The one on the right if the first egg that they laid. We have been getting about 1 or 2 everyday and the eggs are starting to get bigger. In their prime the chickens should be laying at least on nice sized egg each everyday.

Thursday and Friday

Life as usual.


We cut the logs at the top of the hill that needed to be sawn and dragged them down to the sawmill. 


We always have fun on Sunday afternoons and evenings. We make it a point not to work on the log cabin or do any other kind of unnecessary work. Sunday is a day to rejuvenate. We try to work as hard as we can during the week but we guard and protect our Sundays as a time to rest, relax, and recharge. We have found that we become less productive if we use Sunday to catch up on work, we get more done if we rest and then work during the week.

We are a very diverse bunch, but we all enjoy spending time with each other. 


We finally finished cutting all the 4x12!!!!!

I'm ready to be rid of that evil thing! I am now certain that it was forged by Saron himself in the fires of Mt Doom. Well it was not all that bad, it was a good experience and we saved a lot of money on our 4x12s and we got a ton of 2x4s as well. So long Lucas Mill...can't say that we'll miss ya.


This is where I work, I thought some of you might find it interesting, I've been working here for 6 years and I still find it very cool and interesting. 

What you are looking at is the back of the press, it's where I spend most of my time, loading paper, setting up the feeding I also make sure the ink fountains stay full as well. We are a smaller company, so when things need to get done we all jump in and help. Whether it's pulling a broken down forklift out of the loading dock, or helping in the bindery to get a rush job out, or helping to make deliveries where you have to take a bazillion boxes up several flights of stairs with a hand truck, It always fun and challenging. We are a close knit group, Probably because most of the people are either family of or have been friends for 20 years +. This is a 40 in. 6 color, Komori Lithrone press. We have one smaller 26', 6 color and a 26; 4 color and two letter presses. 


We went to a place called Pink Beds with the Blevins. It is a really nice place with a large open field and some pavilions tucked away in the National Forest off the Parkway. We had all kinds of plans to bring crochet and a foot ball and games and stuff, but we forgot all of them. Mom brought a four square ball that we played soccer with and the Belvins happened to have a frisbee in their van. We had a lot of fun just talking and tossing the frisbee around. 

Thursday and Friday

Not much to tell.


We worked on cleaning up all the scrapes from the sawmill. 


 I ran a chainsaw all day (with no injuries!) I foresee many camp fires this fall. We got most of it cleaned up today.   


  1. What a neat little peak into the the life of the Fowler family.

  2. Great to hear the update! I really enjoyed hanging out with you all, too!