Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Passed Inspection!

The inspector came today and inspected all of our logs and every single one passed! Some of our 4x12s however did not pass, but he said that if we cut another 1/2 in off the top of each beam he would pass them, ummm...I'm not an engineer or anything does cutting a half inch off of something make it more structurally sound? The fact that we even have to have the wood inspected in the first place is ridiculous to me (something they just started doing in our county this year!) But we must submit to our civil government...more and more all the time!

Anyway, things are still staying pretty busy at work, I went in today and dad stayed home to work on the house, and to be there for the inspector.

Dad climbed the lifting poles and wrapped a chain around the top of each one to hold the block and tackle. He graciously left one for me to do.

Ben was so happy to have his dad stay home with him today, he followed dad around everywhere he went and helped him. This picture was taken AFTER he took a nap, he woke up and came into the living room and fell asleep again, he was exhausted.

We woke up to snow a few mornings ago, it was just a light dusting but it was very beautiful. 

We have to plug the kitty in at night to re-charge her, when she turns green...she's fully charged.


Hot chocolate: Just an excuse to eat chocolate and giant marsh-mellows in the morning. 

We got a double yoker the other day from one of our chickens, mmmm...mmmm...mmm it was yummy. 

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