Thursday, January 6, 2011

2010 Looking Back...And Looking Ahead

2010 has been an amazing year.

As a family we broke ground on our log cabin building project. It has been an amazing experience so far. We cut out 108+ pieces of osb, and 324+ 2x4 braces and used an estimated 1800 screws to build the forms for the foundation which we set ourselves. We peeled over 75 logs. We learned how to use a portable sawmill and we cut all of our rafters and joists and a bunch of 2x4s. We learned how to rig triple-block and tackle and how to climb 20+ feet up a lifting pole to set the block and tackle. We watched in excitement as the first logs went up. 
Right now we have three courses of logs up and one log on the 4th course. We have been at a stand still since the week before Christmas. It has either been too much snow on the ground or too muddy to do any work. We still have a ways to go but we are hoping that once the weather clears up we will be able to start getting things done. We are so grateful to everyone that has come to help us out...we honestly would not have as much done if it hadn't been for all the people who have come out to help peel logs, or work on the sawmill, or help lifting the logs in place and pinning them. I hope that it has been a pleasant and interesting experience for all who have come out to help.

We finally adopted Benjamin and Christiana. It has been a long process for both of them but especially Christy. We are so blessed to have them as a part of our family and we could not imagine life without them. 

We took in Benjamin's biological sister who was born in February. It has been amazing to see her go from a tiny 5 lb. baby to a healthy "chubby" baby. It has been cool to see her personality start to come out--we are seeing many similarities to her brother even at her young age. 

Our Church has continued to grow numerically and spiritually. It is amazing to see how we are all so different but we all make up a part of the body in our own way. We all have have different gifts and personalities but will all work together as one body. Sunday is definitely the highlight of my week.

Ok now for me personally.

I lost my truck. The transmission literally split in half on my way to work one morning. It would have lasted longer if we had not tried to pull logs with it. (manual trans is no good for pulling logs). So...I looked for a new vehicle and found this sweet ride...

(Try not to covet) 
It's a 96 Chevy Corsica. It was one of those deals where the owner was a elderly man who had vertigo and almost never drove it. It has almost 30,000 less miles on it than our Saturn does and the interior is almost pristine. The paint is peeling off but I figure the car will give out before the rust gets to it bad. I paid $700 cash for it and so far I think I got a good deal. It's a 6 cylinder and does really good on gas for that size engine. The shocks on it are a little stiff but man it drives a whole lot smoother than a vehicle with a car payment attached I guarantee it. I do miss having the 4x4 but I'm happy with this car so far.

I have been getting more and more interested in photography. I upgraded to a Dslr Cannon eos rebel xs. It is so much better than the Nikon p90 I had. (of course any Dslr will be better than a point and shoot) 
Expect to see cool and interested photography in 2011. 

I have been working a lot at Blue Ridge Printing and saving my money. I began working full-time hours back in September and have stayed pretty busy ever since. I am still not technically full time but hopefully things will start to turn around this year and that will be able to happen. I still love working there; it's a great environment and the work is active and engaging.     

I turned 18 this year. I finished school work and entered into real work. I have spent a lot of this year really nailing down what I want to do with my life. Adulthood sneaks up on you fast. I remember when I was little I wanted to be a cowboy, then after realizing that all cowboys do is raise cows and actually did not ride around all day shooting bad guys I decided on something a little more practical. So I decided I would be an astronaut. I then found out that you actually had to be really smart to do that so I then wanted to be an archeologist, and then an aqua-marine archeologist, and now I'm a Press Operator assistant at a print shop. Not that that's bad but it's funny to see how I had all these grand ideas that never came to be. I think it's because I changed my idea of what I want to be. Now I want to be a Godly father and husband, I want to train up my children in the fear of the Lord to be Godly witnesses in the next generation and for them do the same with their children--that's my idea of doing something great. Whatever means God gives me to be able to financially provide is fine with me. 

As I look ahead to 2011 I am so excited to see what God is going to do. 


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