Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Photo-A-Day 6/365 and 7/365


Title: Fresh eggs

Last Sunday we got a rooster from the Williams and we already have fertilized eggs. You can tell because in the middle of the yoke there will be a white, perfectly formed sphere. We are thinking about getting an incubator so that we can hatch some eggs to raise some meat chickens. 


Title: Ben-Jo da' Boy 

I have been having to wear a hat whenever I'm working outside in the cold because of my bald head. When I came in for lunch today Ben wanted to wear my hat. I put it on him and he looked so cute.


Storms a'comin'. 

It has been gloomy all day today and has rained on and off all day. We were able to get two logs up on the 10th course. 

Dad finished making the fence for our garden so that the chicken won't get into it.

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