Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Photo-A-Day 44/365

P-A-D 44/365 
Title: sittin' by the fire.

I absolutly love night time photography. 
I thought I might have to play around with shutter speed and exposure a lot to get a good picture of this, but I set the camera up, composed my shot, focused in on the fire, set the timer and ran and sat down in the chair, and the first picture was great. I took several others, but this one turned out the best. One of these days on one of the pictures that I stage I'll post the first picture I take all the way until I get the picture I want and explain what I did to get there. 

We got another log up this evening. The wall is over 16 feet high now. For the first time I felt a little afraid of heights being up there tonight. I am taller than where the block and tackle is and that is should be about 22 or 23 feet. It is a little scary.....

......but that does not stop me from taking a nap on the wall :)  

I debated over whether I should use this as my PAD, but I decided not to because I took it with my phone, and it was moving, and I didn't really compose the shot. I just pulled my phone up and hoped that I got a good picture. So I didn't use it as my PAD but you still get to see it. I saw it on Patton Ave while I was on my lunch break. 

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  1. The house is looking so good! So exciting to see the progress moving along...