Thursday, April 7, 2011

What Does A Log Home Builder Do When He Is Not Building Log Homes?

 Photo-A-Day 28/365

Title: Wooden Heart 

I have gotten a lot of beautiful wood to use for making furniture for the log cabin. There was one particular piece of wood that was absolutely gorgeous, but it was a little too short to really use for furniture. Dad had taken the Suburban out to get some chicken feed. I stayed home and dragged limbs and piled them up and cut up some of the bigger logs. I got to where I couldn't really do anything else because I needed the Suburban to pull down a tree that was caught up in another tree. So I carved up this piece of wood into a heart. 

The trick I used in this photo I like to call "ghosting". You use a slow shutter speed and move the camera steadily while the shutter is open. 

 I now have a list of jobs that I can fall back onto now if this whole home building thing doesn't work out.
  1. A Circus Performer. I've gained a lot of agility working on the house. I'm thinking I could either be a tight rope walker or a trapeze artist.
  2. Disaster Relief.
  3. Chainsaw Artiste. 


We sent a job off at Blue Ridge to be laminated and when it came back they had done a very poor job of banding the skid. When we cut the bands and skid wrap off the sheets started sliding off, so several of us had to hold the sheets in place while others off loaded them onto other skids. All in a day's work. 

Some Funnies 

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