Thursday, June 9, 2011

P-A-D 70/365 And More Birthday Stuff...

Today I made a light box at no cost to myself. It can cost around $100 to buy an actual light box. Sure theirs can fold up...but mine is free so....
You really need to get your flash off the camera to make this look really good. I ordered a cheap wireless transmitter so I can do just that, however it hasn't come yet, so I positioned the box so that there was a wall about 18in to the right of the box. I tilted my flash so that it would bounce off that wall and then into the window that I cut out in the cardboard behind the white paper. This gave me a shot that was well lit and there was no glare from the flash on my Ipod. I am so excited about all the possibilities that having an off camera flash opens up.


These are some great pics that Hannah took while me and Ben blew out the candle on our birthday brownie. 

Hannah would like everyone to know that she in fact whipped me at foosball. But not because she is competitive at all I assure you ;). Don't worry my wrists will be smoking fresh next time. (Still don't know what that means.) 

Some more pics using my flash.


  1. Put a doll on my head will ya?!?!? All I need is one clear shot... {0:


  2. The series of you and Ben is very sweet. It is amazing how much you two resemble each other. God's workmanship is a wonder.

    Kiki and Ben? Hi-Larious! I would title the second in that series "Long-Suffering No More!".

    Great camera work.

  3. I love the pictures!! What a sweet moment for you and Ben-jo.

    Like CS, I love the next shots of Ki-ki and Ben'jo. And then the precious Gabby! Isn't it nice to have living models available any time you want 'em?

    Will you do my first photo-shoot of my chickens when they arrive? ha-ha!

    Mrs. B

  4. I think God hand-painted Gabby's freckles. They are just perfection ; )

    Love the first pic of Ben-jo and Christi...I've got a couple pictures of me and Jed like that--one of us smiling and the other not-so-much. So cute.

  5. Okay, the more I look at Ben-jo's expression in that first pic of him and Kiki, the more he reminds me of someone named Jack....

  6. Jack?...Jack Black? Jack Sparrow? Jack in the Box? Jack Daniels?