Saturday, July 23, 2011


Today we got up and took a drive on the parkway (which was awesome by the way, way more cool than the parkway back home) and made our way up to Cascades Trail. It's a short 30 minute round-trip walk that was perfect for the little kids. 

The trail ends here at this gorgeous waterfall and then loops back around to the parking lot. 
This waterfall had to have gone several hundred feet down. It started a lot higher then what you see in the first picture and ends a lot lower than what you see in the second. It was very cool.

Next we stopped at the Ham Shoppe and got some sandwhiches and took them to the Valle Crucis park and ate and then played some. 

There was a huge creek there as well that we played in until it started thundering and raining. So we came back to the appartment and then after the rain stopped we went out to the lake next to us and went swimming. Then we went out to dinner. 

It's been a great mini-vacation so far. The only bad thing is that we will miss Church tomorrow which I am not looking forward to, but it has been nice to have this weekend. 

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