Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bele Chere - Take 2

After church today we went back out to Bele Chere and did some more witnessing. I was a little more bold than I was Friday. I started off just handing out tracts (and "stealing" tracts from other Christians and re-tracting them ;) And I also would talk to people that Jeff had started a conversation with. Then we were standing on the sidewalk and Jeff was pointing out different people that I could talk to. There was two boys sitting on a bench, there was a group of teenage girls sitting on another bench, there was a scary looking guy about my age but 3 times my size named Dante sitting alone on a bench...guess who I picked to talk to? :) I kind of had to psych myself out to go and do it. I just walked up to him and handed him a "good person" tract and asked him if he thought he was a good person. He said he thought he was a pretty good person. We started talking and I sat down on the bench with him. I took him though the law and showed him the holiness and righteousness of God, and then shared the good news of the cross with him and the message of repentance and faith. I also gave him The Biggest Question and he seemed very interested and was very attentive to what I had to say. I know that it was a God thing because in my flesh I would not have picked that guy to talk to. I would have picked the group of 5 ft tall girls over the guy who looked like he could take me with his pinky. It was funny because there were people who I thought looked like would be receptive and they weren't, but this guy was. It felt so great to have that conversation.

We talked to a 12 y.o girl named Mercy and her older brother Jeremiah. Her mother had passed away and she didn't know her father very well and he didn't have much to do with her (didn't call on her birthday ect.) Her brother had tight jeans and his skater hat on backwards but they were both really interested in what we had to say and were very thankful for us talking to them and giving them the DVD.

We talked to three boys Matthew, Miles, and Will. They didn't know much about the Bible but were happy to hear about the Gospel and were very thankful for the DVDs.

It was great to have the DVDs because although I think I presented the Gospel clearly I know that in my nervousness I failed to explain everything fully. Hopefully they will watch the DVD and it will clarify things for them.

I still have a lot to learn and a lot of room to grow as far as boldness goes but today was a big for me because I learned that God is completely in control of everything. I learned that even if the guy I talked to today cussed me out and didn't want to listen to what? Because God gave me the courage to walk up to him I was able to plant a seed in his heart.

The truth is God doesn't need me. If God was working on that guy, but I hadn't talked to him, He would have sent someone else to talk to him, but how wonderful to be obedient and to be a part of God's plan.

Please pray for the people I've mentioned and for the people that we had short conversations or just simply handed tracts to.


To steal a phrase...Go Serve Your King.
Matthew 28:16-20

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  1. Still Praying!
    Way to go on your first lesson in boldness. B)