Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Leveling Rafters

I took off today to finish leveling and pinning the rafters 

I thought ya'll might like to see how it's done.

First you have to stretch a line from one end of the roof to the other.

Next you have to get that line level.

Then you go through and measure the distance between each rafter and the string and write it down.
Once you measure each rafter you find the one that's the furthest distance from the string and that will be the one that is the lowest on the wall.

Then you go through and notch the wall so that every rafter is level with the lowest one 

Here is how you notch one.

First you mark both sides of the log where the rafter is so you know where to cut. Then push the rafter out of the way.

Next you take a chain saw (we've found that a small electric chainsaw works best when working on the wall. It's a little more precise and it's not as much power to have to control) It's a good idea to find out how deep you need to go and then measure that on your bar and mark it so you know where to stop.

cut into the wall till you get something like this. 

Next take a hammer and chisel until you get something like this 

Then you slide the rafter into the notch and re-measure to make sure it's right and then go on to the next one.  

And that's that! 


  1. I'm head hurts thinking about those rafters. But, I wonder if you use a little bit of algebra in leveling those rafters...hmmm?


  2. It can get pretty confusing If you're not focusing on one thing at a time.
    And no! No algebra was used in the leveling of these rafters! ;)