Thursday, August 18, 2011

P-A-D 108/365 - Little League

This is one of the fields that I used to play baseball at when I was little. It was not far from our house and I remember riding our bikes down there from time to time to play. 

I have many fond memories growing up in West Asheville, but going through the streets of West Asheville I can't help but notice that things have changed. It's no longer the slow paced little community I grew up in. Liberalism has invaded and the true culture of Asheville has all but disappeared. 

I was listening to Wretched radio today and Todd was talking about how many Churches there were in America. (some 300000 protestant Churches) This peaked my interests. Lets say you wanted to change a country, how would you do it? Of course social media is going to play a huge part in influencing the culture, but also you would want to set up centers all over the country where you could indoctrinate people with our beliefs so that over time the country would have the same ideas as you and would go along with your plans. Does this sound like public school to you? This got me started many public schools are there in America? Surely there must be more than there are Churches because the culture keeps getting worse and worse. I found that we out number the public schools almost 4 to 1! At one point in history the church played a huge role in influencing the culture. But in an effort to become relevant we have lost our relevancy. The Church has compromised with the world in an effort to get the world to like her, but she has lost her effectiveness because of it. I heard today that a church in Iowa that had a live nativity, It was your average nativity scene except one thing was a little different. Instead of Joseph and Marry it was Marry and her wife! Instead of Marry and Joseph they called it the "holy Family" 

You have stuff like this...


Worst lip synching I've seen in a long time!

Pastors like this

Perry Noble Tells Church Members: "You Officially Suck as a Human Being" If You Don't Like the Music from FBCJax Watchdog on Vimeo.

You're not playing games? Really? As you stand in front of a barn scene on your stage? Just sayin"...

BTW the people that Noble is talking about may be referring to the AC/DC song Highway To Hell that was played at this church for opening worship one Sunday.  

Oh and BTW if your sermon is too explicit for my 10 year old sister, it's too explicit for me. Thanks

Sermon series like this.
Put your bibles away, it's time to preach about movies!

Crosspoint: At the Movies from Crosspoint Community Church on Vimeo.


Who needs to hear about Jesus' death and resurrection during an Easter service? Yuck!! That "Bible stuff" is sooooo old school. 

Bad bad BAD performances like this

Had enough yet?

Question: Do you think Muslims dishonor Allah with mocking songs like this?

Oh if you still haven't had enough head on over to 


More later on how we got to this place and what the Church should be as defined by the Bible.   

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  1. Oh, the foolishness of men! I once believed that I could, with my God-honoring talents, draw people to Christ. It was actually on a ministry trip with 10 people that I took to Willow Creek Church in 1998 that the Holy Spirit spoke to me and told me specifically that HE ALONE draws men to Himself and not a single thing that I can ever do. These videos repulse me b/c they remind me of who I was as I fell into the whole "seeker movement". It also reminds me that CHRIST ALONE can change the heart and mind of man. Doesn't it make you wanna praise Him!!!! cb