Thursday, September 1, 2011

I'm Still Here...

I know I've been a little lazy with my posts lately. We have been busy at work and I've been lucky if I've gotten home before dark the last two week, and if I did get home before dark we were working on the house until dark.


I thought I'd give a quick update.

A very weird sickness went through our family the last two weeks. When I got it I thought it was a hiatal hernia because I had all the symptoms of one. But then mom and dad got it and we knew it was some kinda bug. It only lasted three days or so and we are all better now.

We've gotten a lot done on the roof and we are very close to being done with the tongue and groove. We had to order more tongue and groove because of a miscalculation, but we should have all we need now. If we keep up the pace we should be able to get the roof on before the dead of winter hits.

That's all for now folks. Keep an eye out for some house pictures on the family blog soon.    


  1. Glad to know you're still there!
    Be sure and tell us whenever you
    guys will need help with the house.