Friday, November 25, 2011

Finished Chicken Coop And The Coolest Hand Turkey Ever!!

(Watch in 720p HD for best quality)

Yesterday and today we worked on the Chicken coop.

The chickens are sleeping in it as we speak.
We built this coop for under $50, I'm pretty sure. All we bought was the pressure treated 2Xs for the bottom supports, and some hardware (Hinges, hooks, pulley). And some rope. Everything else we had on our property.

If I were a turkey...this is what I would look like. Except I'd be more proportional and life like ;)
I consider myself an artist of a few things, but drawing is NOT one of them ;)

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  1. Those chickens sure do have a nice place to live You guys did a great job.. Of course the girls helped to.. Tell them they did a great job too for me..Susie