Monday, November 14, 2011

New Music

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I've been writing songs recently (something I've never been able to do before) I have about 4 or 5 songs right now that I'm working on. This one was the first one I have been able to finish.

I just started playing harmonica this week so it's kind of rough but I think that it adds to the song.

Choice is the cry of our day
Choice to do what you may
One child lives another dies
Choices we make everyday

Tell me what’s wrong and what’s right
Oh tell me what’s black and what’s white
Tell me the truth tell me the lies
Tell me the value of life.

You set up your straw man defense
To rage a war with common sense
You act like you care like you know what’s there
You swear that it's only fair

Well who are you to decide
Who gets to live and who dies
When every life is precious every life has worth
No circumstance justifies.

Well is it a child or not?
It’s the only question or thought
That really matters in this fight
Tell me what else that you got.

In the end when all’s said and done
And arguments are lost and won
It all comes down to one simple thing
Thus sayeth our King

I can’t force you to live
The life that you aught to live
But as long as innocent life is killed
I will not end my fight


  1. Amazing, Terrific, outstanding, all of the above and more. You all have outstanding talent. It sounds like you've played that harmonica all of your life.. Love the song, I couldn't write a poem that good..Thanks for sharing, Susie

  2. Great song, Blane!
    I'm loving the "Wretched Bros. Band". B)


  3. Oh my Susie that is not true at all! I have been going through your book and your poems are wonderful! Some might even make great songs. I've never been much of a poet or songwriter, but lately I've felt inspired for what ever reason.

    Blane, Jr