Saturday, January 7, 2012

Floor Joists Are Up!

After we finished the roof back in November we took some well deserved time off while we waited for our joist hangers to come in. Once we got the joist hangers it took us a month or so to put the joists up.
We had to: Sand the logs where the floor would be and chink that line (because we couldn't get to it after we put the joists up, notch into the wall where each joist hanger would go so that it would have a flat surface to screw into, we had to do tons of measuring to make sure everything would line up right and be level, once we lifted the joist in place by hand we then worked to get them all level and straight.

Next we have to decide where we will put lights and rout out the top of the rafters and run wiring through where the lights will go.


  1. Good for you.. it's looking good and I'm so happy for you all.. I know you will be glad when it's done and can take so much great pride in knowing you did it yourself.. Hope you all had a nice Christmas.. Sending our love..Susie

  2. Good work guys! Its neat to see how far the cabin has come.