Monday, June 11, 2012

Birthday Celebration And Some Songs

Despite being sick and having a busy week at work I had a pretty good birthday. Mom cooked a special meal and we had an ice cream cake (because nothing helps a cold like big servings of tater-tot caserole and ice cream cake) Ice cream cake is my favorite and should be standard for all birthdays in my opinion.

I couldn't really decide on what I wanted for my birthday so I ended up not asking for anything. But I got an iPad which I love, I have already recorded a song on it and it works and sounds really good (will be posting that later) Not to mention all the other very important uses for it, such as Angry Birds Space. 

After Ben opened all of his presents Christy came up to me and said "Aww I'm sorry you only got one little present bubby." Perhaps it's a good thing that she has no idea what an iPad is, and thinks lincoln logs is a much better present. 

Here are some new Wretched songs for your consumption 

This is a well written and composed song by Nate. I think this one ought to be our theme song, or anthem or something. 

Here is a hymn by Ann Steele, this is one of my favorites.
Also I made my debut on piano as a Wretched Bro. I used to play years ago but stopped because I thought it was uncool. But I've fallen in love with piano again and hope to pick it back up when the house is done and we can move the piano in.

(I still have a cold voice, so the vocals are not my best) 


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