Monday, July 16, 2012

"Wretched Siblings"

Nathan and I have a bunch of songs that we are wanting to record, but yesterday we didn't get to work on anything. Since I was still in the recording mood I decided to set up the portable studio in the cabin and lay down one of the songs I've been working on with a little help from my sister Gabby.

This is a good one to fall asleep to. The rain was falling softly and there was a distant rumble of thunder that really set the mood.

The smile on your face
hides the frown inside
And the love in your heart still remains
Though it seems to slowly die.

And those feelings you once felt
You long to feel again
But they seem miles away
Gone with the wind

You wish you could speak
But you can't move your lips
And your Memories of happiness
Fade into myths

Thoughts of worthlessness
Roll through your mind
The ones that you love so close
But you leave them behind

How many roads will you walk down
How many grief’s will you embrace
How many times will you fall down
Before you go home.

Gabby wanted to sing a song so we picked one of our family's favorite songs to sing during family devotions. Doesn't she have a great voice?

Staining is almost done.

 Here you can see the before and after contrast nicely.

She's A'gettin' Thar' 


  1. This brought tears to my eyes..Both are so beautiful.. Gabby has a voice just like yours, so smooth and soothing..I loved it and the work on the cabin is gettin there for sure...Great job.. Tell everyone hello and we enjoyed spending time with Gabby...Look forward to spending time with all of you..Susie

  2. Great songs, congrats to Gabby for a good job done!
    The house is looking excellent.


  3. It is so sweet seeing you two sing together! Great job Gabby! You are growing up before our eyes. I missed you Sunday!