Monday, November 16, 2009

The Arrow Slinger

I bought my first compound bow a few days ago and started practicing. I spent some time adjusting the sights and setting the draw weight so I could pull the bow back easily.

I didn't like the idea of bow hunting much because you have to be within 30 yards of the deer to assure a good shot and clean kill. But I just started shooting a week ago so for me its more like 15 to 20 yards to assure that I even hit a deer.

This all started because I found out that I can only kill a doe on the last day of the season with a gun and of course I will be gone to a conference then, but you can kill a doe all season long with a bow.

So early this morning I woke up, ate my wheaties, bundled up, grabbed my bow (and my one arrow) and stepped out the door looking like some kinda mix between one of Rambo's younger cousins and an Ewok from Star Wars and headed out into the woods.

I sat down in my predetermined hunting "spot" which was maybe 20 yards from a trail I knew the deer to follow from time to time. I sat for about two (very uncomfortable) hours and saw nothing. My neighbor said he shot at a coyote but didn't see anything either.

I'll try again this week and hopefully next time I blog about hunting I'll have a picture of me with a deer hung over my shoulder (looking like a camouflaged astronaut).

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