Monday, November 2, 2009

Helping friends

Since last year we have been helping a friend build his log cabin. It has really been a great experience, I have learned so much from my time helping him.

Our latest venture was setting 6x6 uprights for his wrap around deck (by hand)! We lifted them up and placed them on rebar that was driven into concrete pillars (much easier said than done!) So on our third one, after dropping the timber for the third time (which weighs 200lbs +) we sat back resting and catching our breathe. Shaking my head I thought there has to be a easier way to do this. After proclaiming my thoughts we sat and brainstormed for a few minutes and finally rigged up some block and tackle and some other support ropes and some how sat the last upright of the day almost effortlessly. As the sun started going down I looked at what we finished and was very proud at our block and tackle idea. Then the man I was helping said, "Well, how are we going to do the corners?" observing that there was no place to hook the block and tackle.
My soul doth fainteth with me!
How did people do this stuff way back when!!!

If you would like to check out some pictures of his house and keep up with his progress go to

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