Monday, November 2, 2009

Squirrel Hunting

Since we moved to our new home I have had many opportunities to go hiking and hunting. Actually I have never gone hunting on my own, or shot and killed anything (that wasn't already dead [ but that's another story for another day]). I have gone hunting with my dad when I was younger but never on my own. We just have never had the time or a good place to hunt at. But when you can walk out your back door and be in the woods there is lots of time for exploring and hunting.

Just the other day I was siting quietly in the woods waiting for the squirrels to come out. Then one started yelling at me (or so i thought, my dad informed me later that the squirrel was yelling because he saw a deer) so I moved around to get a better shot at it and as I did a doe took off running and scared me to death! It stopped and stared at me for almost a minute and then took off into the woods as three others followed.

Deer are so beautiful, one of the most beautiful animals God made in my opinion. So to see four so close up was really amazing.
I kicked myself later for not bringing my camera. Next time I go out into the woods I'll have my gun in one hand and camera in the other and hopefully I'll get some good pictures to share.

There is something very fulfilling about killing something, bringing it home, and dressing it all on your own. It is also wonderful to look at an animal (and it's insides) and see how intricate and detailed everything is, and marvel at the God that effortlessly spoke it into existence.

Check back later and hopefully I'll have so cool pictures to share.

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