Saturday, November 21, 2009

Todays Happenings

Today I got up early to go hunting. I saw one deer but couldn't get a shot.
Then I came home, ate breakfast and went to Lowes to get some hay while dad spread grass seed on our house pad. (By law we are forced to plant grass within 21 days of doing any kind of grading.) After spreading the hay we all set out to our storage unit. There we did some organizing and consolidated our two storage units into one. while there I found two other books to start reading. It seems like my reading list grows more and more every week. As of today I am reading: The Most Holy Place- CHS, The One True God-Paul Washer, The Attributes Of God-A.W Pink, The Institutes Of The Christian Religion-John Calvin (yes the crazy heretical guy), Lord Of The Rings, and Created for Work, and of course the Bible.

Rifle season opens Monday and I'm primed...mimed and ready to...rhyme? Anyway I'm ready for it. Although I have come to love bow hunting and will be excited when next year's rolls around and I've had plenty of time to practice, I feel much more sure of myself with a good o'l rifle in my hands. Also between now and next year I plan on a buying a original replica "Kentucky Rife", which is an old time muzzle loader. O'l Betsy, Davy Crocket's trusty rifle was a Kentucky Rifle, FYI.

Christmas is coming around soon and I have a sneaky (not sneaking) suspicion that it's going to come on me so fast and I'll be going out Christmas eve for presents. I already know what I'm getting for my mom, still not sure about the rest of the family. But it always seems like I'm doing last minute shopping.

I've stayed home and helped Mom all week because we are a bit slow at work. I am bit surprised that I actually miss working and can't wait to go back Monday. l do also miss the paycheck.

Well now I have to go do some color coordinating for family pictures tomorrow YAY!

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