Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy New year!

I always hate when the new year roles around because it means 4 months of of accidentally writing 2009 on checks and deposit slips.
I'm also thoroughly upset because I don't have my hover car yet, or my jet pack, or the house on the moon everyone was talking about back in 1999.

Anyway 2009 went by really fast, it seems like just yesterday we started Simple Truth Bible Fellowship, and not so long ago I had my 17th birthday. So much has happened this year, We sold our house, we started a new church, we bought a new vehicle and got rid of our old van.
We have made new friends and grown closer to old friends (old, as in friend we have known for a while, not elderly friends.)

Here is our year in pictures.

We are still helping our friend work on his log cabin. It's coming along very well.
Check out his photo page at

Someone (I wont say who) totaled our van. We thought the insurance company might give us about $800 for it. But it turned out that our van was rare and hard to find, plus with the handicap accessible rails and things, the replacement value was around $3900. This was a wonderful blessing from God and allowed us to get a much nicer vehicle than we could have gotten with our previous budget.

We have watched my brother Benjamin grow so much. He was born premature and had many problems.
He weighed a little more than a pound and didn't even look human when he was born. God seems to work miracles in children's live through our family.

Christie has grown very much as well. She had open heart surgery the day she was born, she had many problems. Her doctors agree that it's nothing short of a miracle that she is alive and doing so well.

This past year God has worked a beautiful virtuous heart in Gabriella, She is so willing to care for her brother and sister. She is unashamed to be a witness to her friends who are unsaved, and is a wonderful example to the them by her obedience and reverence to her parents. God is not finished with her yet, but with the wonderful examples of biblical womanhood within our church I know that she will become a very Godly women whose worth is far above rubies.

Me? I've grown much in my life this year. I've began trying to be deliberate about my decisions and not just wonder though life reacting to what happens to me. But to be active and have a purpose for what I do. I don't know what God has planed for me, but if I'm obedient where I'm at, God will put me right where He wants me.

This year we had the the most snow we've had for many years. I guess pope Gore was wrong. lol
God protected and provided for us through it all.

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