Friday, January 29, 2010


We have had a minor set back in our LHB plans, our logger Billy Harris went out to start cutting our logs and his arm swelled up really bad. Turns out he has some rare problem with his veins that will require surgery. He knew he had this problem all along, but it had never bothered him until now. anyway It would be almost six weeks before he could finish cutting our logs. He could not afford to do that so his is trying to hire someone to cut and he can skid the logs. Please pray for him, although we would like to get our logs asap, his health is more important.

Mom has been in court for the TPR hearing for Christie for the three last three days and had to back again today. Dad and I have been taking care of the kids. This should be the last day of court, we will post an update when we find out what happens.

I made a batch of deer jerky the other day with our new Excaliber dehydrator. They turned out really good.
I'm thawing out some more meat now to make another batch. This time I'm going to cure it in a cold brine made of Worcestershire, soy sauce, cyan pepper, pepper flakes, onion powder, sticky fingers sauce (Because what isn't good with sticky fingers?) Maple syrup, and brown sugar. Should be interesting to see what happens.

We found a 4x4 truck to skid logs with on Craigslist. It's an 86 ranger and it's a little beat up already but that just means we will not have worry about scratching it up.
 It's a stick shift so I'm sure I'll have some funny stories about that learning curve.

image 1562951867-0
image 1562951867-2

There is a snow storm rolling in tonight. They are saying it's going to be pretty big. I hope nothing happens I'm tired of winter.
I really hope we don't lose power, at least not for four days like last time. Even though I think we are better prepared this time, losing power is not appealing.



  1. SEND ME DEER JERKY!!! i love deer jerky. i would love to try yours!!!!

  2. bud i just went back through to find out what camera you got. i'm glad you posed it. i think i will buy myself one for my birthday. it's good price for a good starter camera. I am hoping to turn it into a side job one day. selling photos, doing birthdays, parties, weddings etc... keep posting photos i love em!!