Monday, February 8, 2010

Babys, Storms, and Guns.

A new member has been added to the Simple Truth Bible Fellowship family.
Nathan Jeremiah Hodges was born Monday February 1st at 4:12 AM, 8 lbs. 8 ozs. and 20-1/2” long. We are so happy for the Hodges and blessed to have another member of our our Church family. 
02-06-10 211.jpg
The baby just a few hours after birth!

Just read in the paper yesterday that we will have unusually cold weather and regular significant snow fall on through April!! Some of that global warming would be great about now eh?
Anyway I went to the store the other night to grab a sandwich (I was working nightshift) and the store was packed! People where buying like three loaves of bread, three gallons of milk, three cartons of beer at a time (gotta have the essentials I guess). Grocery stores must have made a fortune this winter. I am now convinced that if our economy collapsed and the government wasn't there to help everyone, a lot of people wouldn't make it. Most people think on a day to day basis, not planing for things down the road.
I tip my hat (even though I rarely wear one) to the people who stay prepared, who not only think of what they will eat today but thoughtfully think ahead for the whole week and buy all the things they need at one time.
Yes God will provide all our needs and we should not worry about tomorrow, what the day might bring, but there a big difference between fretting and worry over what you will eat or what you will wear, and thoughtfully planning for the future. The Bible calls such a man wise.
So do not worry or fret about the next storm, or the rumors of terror attacks, or even what you will eat, wear, or where you will live. But be wise and use common sense in planning ahead. If you need a generator for the winter, start saving up for it during the year so when you need it you can pay cash for it and not go out and put it on a credit card the day before a big storm hits. Go ahead and stock up on food during the end of fall.
God will provide you with all you need, but if you are not planning ahead and just sitting around relying on him to preform a miracle, perhaps He might show you the consequences of not using common sense.

            You have ravished my heart, 
      My sister, my spouse;
      You have ravished my heart
      With one 
look of your eyes, 

This is what God says of his bride (the church). I pray that we could all say the same of Him.

The issue of firearms has come up lately. I have found that everyone holds to one of three stances with regard to firearms. Either they: hate guns in all forms, are neutral towards guns, or they love guns. Of course there are different variations, but fundamentally it all comes down to one of those three. Here is what I think of firearms. I own several firearms and I think when done safely target practicing can be: a great past time, a good way to spend time with your buddies, a fun and useful hobby. 
Firearms are also used for hunting. Hunting is another subject for another time.
Firearms can also be used to commit crime, which leads me to the last use, defense. I wish that this last use was not needed. Many people think that guns should not be used period. These are the people that believe that man is not only basically good but getting better all the time. They believe that if man didn't have instruments with which to perpetuate evil, they would choose to do good. Here is the reality, the world is in a state of entropy, meaning everything is getting worse. Man is declining morally, ethically, physically, and mentally all the time. Some would argue that all of our new inventions prove that we are getting smarter. But the reality is that even just 200 years ago the average ten year old had more head knowledge than a college student. Ancient civilizations built things that architects marvel at today. Everything is getting worse, the sun is running out of fuel, the stars are dying, everything is coming to an end. 
The Bible says that the heart of man is desperately evil and wicked above all things. It is not beyond anyone to commit a crime or to harm another person. This is why guns must be used for defense.

 We should not worry or fret all the time about someone breaking into our home and harming us or our family. But we must thoughtfully make a plan as to what we will do in the event of a break in. Husbands, do you have a gun? Does your wife know how to load and shoot it? Have you told your kids what to do in the event of a break in? Just like we should have a good plan in the event of a fire, we should all have a plans for all situations that could happen. 

Again, should we be paranoid or always worried about what might happen? No, a family will feel safe and confident if you calmly think out situations and make a plan for them and then trust in God to protect you and your family. Some christians say that they don't believe in guns, and that if God wants to take us home, having a gun to defend yourself might foil Gods plans. I'm sorry but if God wants you dead there is no gun, no plan, no underground bunker that can protect you and keep you alive. The antithesis is a little more soothing, If God whats you alive there is no criminal, terror group, sickness, natural disaster that can kill us. So rest in Gods hegemony, and be content in his choice.    

God has placed a responsibility on us to protect the defenseless. He has perhaps placed an even greater responsibility on fathers to protect his family. Whether you are a father, mother, son, daughter, God has placed in to some extent or another someone under your care. What are you doing to protect them?

Well thats my two pennies for today.
Mom is in court again today for the "best interest of the child" hearing for Christie.

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