Saturday, February 27, 2010


We have had another major set back in our building plans; Billy (our logger) had to have surgery on his arm the other day and he is pretty much out of commission for a while. It will be at least the end end of March or April before we get logs now (keep in mind we were hoping to be stacking logs by the end of April or May. Even with all this happening we trust God has a purpose for delaying our plans, but to make the most of our down time we are going to start building the forms for the foundation this weekend and hopefully we will be able to have the foundation poured by the time we get logs.

I am putting together slideshows for the adoption party of Christie and Ben-jo. We lost the pictures we had on our old PC for some reason, but luckily mom had uploaded a bunch of pics to the Kodak web site, and I was able to get a lot of good pictures off it. I think they will turn out pretty good.

Here is just one of the pictures of KiKi on the slideshow. We have asked the grandparents for pictures of her when she was first born, but we haven't seen them yet; I think they would be very interesting to see.

Well I failed almost utterly at keeping my room clean. I think the only reason I wanted to clean it was because I actually had to be in there for a long time back when I was preparing myself for the 12 hour night-shift week. Now since I'm only in my room for a little bit in the evening to practice guitar or to read before bed and to sleep; cleaning has fallen to the wayside. I've found that when I'm in a particular place for a long period of time I feel the need to organize things and put things in order. Although I think I'm safe from being diagnosed with OCD. I usually try to keep my space at work clean and if I'm home for a long time I start feeling the need to organize, do dishes, ect. But not all the time. I guess I'm just weird like that. 

Also I have been getting used to having to pay for things weekly/monthly. Things like gas, insurance, guitar lessons, ect. Before I would take out 10% for "blow" money (for impulse spending) 10% for tithe and then put the rest of my check in savings. (sometimes taking out extra money for various things)
I am notorious for putting the money for various items all in the same place in my wallet, and then accidentally spending to much money in one area and not having enough in another. So I'm going to try the envelope method and see how that works out. Learning how to control for finances more effectively  is one of those things on my unwritten list (to which things are constantly being added)  of things I need to accomplish in order to become a man.  

Our neighbor Tim shot a coyote last night.  

I have been wanting to shoot a coyote for a while, maybe I'll try now that we are at the end of the month and have a full moon. 
One less predator for little pebbles to worry about! 


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