Friday, March 26, 2010

Biscuits and Gravy

Every once in a while (quite often) I get really really hungry and my appetite cannot be satisfied by a mere pb&j.
This happened to me yesterday and I had to make some biscuits and gravy from scratch. Now I know that it pretty much only consists of flour, fat, milk, salt and pepper, I know it's sad...I didn't have any sausage or rendered pork fat :( They weren't quite as good as the B&G from the diner across the street from the print shop, but they were pretty good and satisfied my hunger. It happened again today and I had to make an omelet with biscuits for my 2nd breakfast.

The green smoothie drinking side of me would have died if he saw what I was eating, but luckily he was  on vacation at the time.


I finished finishing Kiki's chair, she loves it and had to pull out some toys and put some "play time" on it as soon as I brought it in. It goes pretty well with the table Mr Williams made for her and should look pretty good in the log cabin if it last that long. 

Also I finished another log today which makes a total of two logs peeled. 
We are getting the rest of the logs tomorrow.  

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