Saturday, March 27, 2010


Anyone who has known me for a while, knows who my favorite preacher is. When I first heard Paul Washer preach I hated him, and I hated that my dad had found out about him. But God used him to show me that I was a false convert. His love for God and his longing to see others love God has kept me listening. I listen to him at least once a week for my "weekly flesh beat down".
I thought I'd share a few quotes today.

"The last thing you will hear before taking your first step into hell if you are unsaved is all of creation standing and praising God because He has rid the earth of you and your filth."

"People say hell is hell because God's not there and heaven's heaven because God is there. No hell is hell because God is there, hell is God's holy wrath being poured out eternally, have you not read "and the smoke of their torment rises forever and ever...before the presence of the Lamb."

"He saved me from what I was, isn't that enough to motivate me? What else needs to be done?"

"When Jesus comes back He will stretch out His hand and say mine mine mine! It's all mine!...Everything is His!
Everything was made by Him through Him and for Him...people have been duped into thinking that this whole christian thing is all about them and its not's all for Him!"

"When you sin against God it's as though you attempt to storm the throne room of God, drag God off His throne and slaughter Him."

My favorite:
"Every time you give a heavenly glance, every time you crack you lips and speak a word of prayer, the Father's heart beats faster, doesn't that make you want to be holy? Doesn't that make you want to pray?"

We are getting some more logs today but I'm inside watching the kids and blogging because mom went out to lunch for Mrs William's birthday (happy birthday Janis, however old you may be).

Our choir concert is this Tuesday. I was worried that we wouldn't be ready but I think its all coming together really fast at the last second. We have one more practice before the concert and I think we will have it all down pretty well.

I have been taking bass guitar lessons for the past month or so and have learned how little I really know about the playing the bass. I taught myself how to play and have played on the worship team at church for a few years now. But I couldn't really read music, and I didn't know how to use other notes within a key or chord to make things sound good. I was basically just adding some low end to the worship team.
Now I'm learning theory and trying to learn how to read music again. Right now I'm transcribing a song by ear which has been pretty fun, but can get old if I work on it for to long.

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