Monday, March 1, 2010

Todays Happenings and Christie's Birthday

The road leading up to our driveway got pretty torn up after the last snow storm. The bamboo had leaned over making an arc over the road, tree's were down everywhere, and not mention all the ruts and potholes that showed up after the ground thawed out. It is a state road but it's just a small gavel back road and it takes a while for them to fix it. They did scrape it today but it really needs to be paved, which could be done if everyone who lives off the road agreed, but of course there is one family who won't tear down their barn that's too close to the road (more like in the road) so it could be paved.

I got home from work about 6:00 o'clock today and after eating dinner I went out to get something out of my truck; on my way back in I saw a rabbit take off down the hill into some thickets. I ran inside grabbed my rifle and went back to were I saw the rabbit. He took off again and then stopped, it was starting to get dark so I had a hard time finding him in my scope, but once I found him I took a shot and got him right in the heart/lung area. He was pretty big (much bigger than any squirrel) and was much easier to clean than a squirrel. We put the meat in the freezer to eat and we saved the insides for coyote bait.
It was a nice end to Monday 

We celebrated Christies birthday Sunday at Church. She is officially three years old now.

Sunny made a really cool "dress" cake because Kiki is very girly and loves to wear dresses. Looking at the cake actually reminds me of one of Kiki's dresses. Sunny did a great job.

Benjamin wasn't really happy about having a cone strapped to his head.

Cutting the cake 

Opening presents

I think Ben thought it was his birthday!

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