Saturday, April 24, 2010

Todays Happenings

We got the portable saw mill set up today before the rain came, we got 8 2x4x8s and 2 4x8s out of one log, I think we should be able to get most if not all the 2x4s we need to frame the inside of the house out of the logs, and we might be able to get a bunch of 1/2 inch or 1/4 boards to put on the interior instead of sheet rock. Our logger (Billy) was nice enough to let us use his saw mill for free, the only thing we pay for is the gas to run it, this will save us a ton of money (each 4x8 would cost at least $100 a piece if bought at a lumber store.

I had a minor accident today with an angle grinder, we were cutting rebar for the foundation and I tried to adjust the safety guide while it was still running and the cutting wheel grabbed my finger and pulled it through the safety guide (won't do that again ;). Luckily I was wearing thick leather gloves, if I hadn't it would have been much worse (I shutter to think) but anyway no loss of finger tip no foul eh? 


I don't think dad learned from my mishap (no gloves) 
Anyway we got all of the rebar cut for the foundation. 

After that we burned the scrapes that were left over from building the forms and cleaned out and organized the shed, it was a very productive day, even though we didn't quite get done what we wanted to get done because of the rain. 

I'm looking forward to church tomorrow, it's pretty much the highlight of my week, and thats not because I don't get to do some pretty cool things during the week, it's because I love church.
It always seems too short to me, we come in the morning and before you know it it's time to go. I understand how people could sit and listen to Paul speak about Jesus and have fellowship for twelve hours, they loved Jesus that much, that's what happens when you fellowship with people who truly love Jesus, suddenly a long sermon and fellowship time is enjoyable and the time doesn't seem long enough.   

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