Tuesday, April 20, 2010


"Baby girl" weighed 3 lbs 13 oz when she was born February 1st (She was due April 2) today the home nurse came out and weighed her, she now weighs 9 lbs 7 1/2 oz!  She is now a little bigger than an average newborn and still seems very small, but I remember when she first got here she weighed only 5 lbs and I was the first one to hold her, she was so small.

Miss Catherine Beck a dear friend of mine has gone to be with the Lord, She was elderly and very sick and her time had come. She was a good and faithful servant who had a heart for the lost, particularly for lost children. I spent five summers of my life traveling around with her along with other missionaries sharing the gospel to children, parents, sick and elderly people, and anyone else who would listen. For me it was a great time of stretching me and helping me come out of my shell of shyness, the responsibility was placed on me to go around and knock on doors in drug infested projects and ask parents if their kids could come to a 5 day club, many times we would just go somewhere and open air preach, I had to force myself to walk up to a complete stranger and begin to talk with them about the gospel. There was one club that we did at a day care whose kids ranged from 13 to 5, people had been doing clubs there even before I started, one kid who was about 10 or 11 got saved and he went home and began to talk with his parents about Jesus, the next year we came back and learned that he had gotten his parents to come to church and they eventually got saved, the next year we came we learned that he had witnessed to his grand parents and they had gotten saved, he witnessed to several other people in his family and many of his friends, and they all sat together in church. child, parents, grand parents, and friends.
There were not many stories like this that got back to us, but I pray that one day I will meet some of the people I witnessed to in heaven, I know Miss Beck is already doing that, in Gods providence she was never married, her true love was Jesus and she served him faithfully all her live, she is a true example of where our affections should be placed, marriage is a great thing but we are not primarily placed on this earth to be married or to chase after worldly things, we are place on this earth to bring glory to God, many many times God uses marriage to bring glory to his name, but even in marriage our affections should be for Jesus first. There was a certain innocence to Miss Beck that was so lovely, she was truly a babe in evil but well versed in the ways of righteousness. I do wish I could have seen her one more time before she died but I look forward to seeing her in heaven. I pray that God would bless Miss Beck for her faithful service and her obedience in the quiet places when no one else was around, when no one else wanted to go, she went. She worked hard and presented her small faithful obedience as a gift to the King of Glory, I know it will be well received                   

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