Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Yesterday we got all our logs moved up the hill, after that we made set up some board and batten and squared up where the foundation needed to go. Then we started digging, the guys who did the digging had a transit to make sure the trench was all the same depth. they finished it in a few hours. 
I went out this morning and shoveled out the loose dirt in the trenches and cut some roots that were sticking out. The inspector is coming out tomorrow to take a look at it and when he signs off on it we will be ready to lay the forms out and pour the concrete. 
The foundation should be finished in the next two weeks.


We finished all 28 of the piers, but we do have to redo the very first one we made.

12 of the 28 piers 

We have 87 more logs to peel, and if we can get at least 3 or 4 logs peeled a day (not including sundays) we should be able to finish all the logs in a month, 2 at the most. 
We hope to be stacking logs towards the end of may or the beginning june (keep in mind that we just got our logs march 20th). I think we are making excellent progress.

I was ll this close to bagging a turkey this morning, dad saw it walking up our road into the woods, so I got my 22. and put my crocs on and went after it, I saw it 3 times but never got a shot at it because every time I saw it it was running or hiding some thickets. I followed it up the top of the mountain and deep into the woods for almost 2 hours before I headed back home to get to work. I think turkey season opens tomorrow, I'll be keeping my rifle close by while I'm working now. 


Be-jo giving his sister kisses 

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