Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend Happenings

Measure 20 times...dig a foundation twice.

Saturday we set 7 of the 28 forms for the foundation, on our second one we noticed that something was horribly wrong, after some measuring we discovered the foundation was two and a half feet off. We spent several hours adjusting the board and batten to get 35 square, we will now have to do a little digging to get the forms where they need to be, but we thought we would have to do this anyway and with the trench already dug its's no problem to shave off a little here and there. 
We are hoping to have all the forms set and concrete poured next weekend, Lord willing  

On a more serious note...


After all our hard work Saturday we built a fire and burnt some hot dogs over the open fire. After that we made some smores (I think that's how you spell it) smores have to be one of my favorite desserts; you've got crackers, chocolate, and a marshmallow browned to perfection...nuff said.


3/4 of the worship team went to an Indelible Grace concert this weekend (sorry Sunny).
I was probably the only one there who went to watch the bass player's fingers. We do some of their tunes and it was cool to see them play, sometimes I would be like "cool, he does that just like I do" (mess up) or "Wow I never thought to do that, that sounded good"
My favorite band of all time, hands down is Jars of Clay because not only are they theologically and doctrinally sound and play man abasing God exalting songs, they also are very unique and original and every album they make is different, and they are some phenomenal musicians. But since I was introduced to Indelible Grace they have recently become my 2nd all time favorite group. They also are very original and diverse, mainly because it's not just compiled a few people in a band, but there are many different bands and artist from all kinds of musical back grounds that make up what is Indelible Grace, Dan Haseltine of Jars of Clay also sings a few of their tunes so that makes it even better.
Although many people still write excellent songs and books today, I believe that during the reformation there was a period where people were called to write books and hymns, When a man would spend 60 years of his life studying the bible and praying and then at the end of his life write one book that wouldn't even get published until after he was dead. I think today it's almost as if we should just be quite and read what our forefathers wrote. Today men publish 40 books in their life time and it's all about the new this or the best way to do that or how to get you best life now, and don't even get me started on the "christian" music industry. 
Indelible Grace takes old old hymns and puts them to new music, I believe this is not only a way to learn theology, it's also a way that we can in a sense connect with and honor our forefathers by remembering them and what they believed, we must know where we stand in Christian history, just as we can not compare ourself to ourselves to see if we are right, we cannot look within our own time and generation either, we must look and see how we line up with 2000 years of church history. 
Anyway, I.D has a little bit of country, folk, rock, contemporary, celtic sometimes all at the same time in the same song.  Getting to see them play was real treat. Plus it was free! 
There has been a bug going around lately I think Ben got it today and I'm starting to get a little queasy, I really hope I don't get sick. 


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  1. You summed the concert up quite nicely as well as IG and what they do.

    I'm really glad that they could laugh at their goofs while they made them... just like we/I do!

    We'll keep introducing their songs as we can, that's for sure! I see nothing but growth for our church through this music. Going back to some of the old stuff is almost heretical to me now.