Sunday, May 30, 2010


I have been doing a lot of research on my family's past on my dad's side.

I traced the origin of our name to an Anglo-Saxon tribe in great Britain. The name originated in Norfolk, New England. They were people who caught birds and sold them "Fowlers". And apparently the Fowlers held a very important family seat from very ancient times, pre 1066 A.D. before the Norman Conquest and before the arrival of Duke William at Hastings.

I traced my Family directly back to a William Fowler 1750-1799
It still needs to be verified but I think I can directly trace it back to John Fowler who came over from England in the 1600s, and the name "Blane" pops up here and there a lot too.

I will post more of me findings as I come across them.  

We saw another black snake today the thing was huge.


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