Monday, May 31, 2010

More Findings

So I found out that John Fowler was the first Fowler to come to America.

Here is the direct line as far back as I have gone so far.

William Fowler
Reverend Christopher Fowler (who was a Presbyterian Preacher)
John Fowler (A Quaker, who was the first Fowler in America)
Godfrey Fowler
Joseph Fowler
William Fowler
William Fowler Jr.
James C. Fowler (who was a farmer and a preacher)
James Blane Fowler (who I'm named after)
Raymond Carl Fowler
Bruce Larry Fowler
Blane Douglas Fowler
Blane Fowler Jr (that's me)

I am going to put a book together with all the genealogies, and a whole page for the direct forefather with birth and death certificates, census signatures, and pictures of tombstones.

Here is a really cool story about the history of the Fowlers if you care to read it.
(remember that Christopher Fowler is my great great great great great great great great great Grand Father as you are reading)

From: A Fowler Family by Mabel Gaye Phillips and Waldo E. Fowler, which was taken from The House of Fowler by Grover Parsons Fowler,

  The first person to bear the name Fowler was Henry I (876 - 936), son of Otto the Illustrious, Duke of Saxony. This Henry the Fowler was chosen King of the Franks and Saxons in 919. Under the Norseman Rolfe or Rolle, descendants of his named Fowler were among those invading France early in the tenth century. Later, French descendants of this man, bearing the name Fowler, fought for the King of France as noted bowmen. Still later, William the Conqueror hired Fowlers to accompany him in his battle to take over the throne of England. During the Third Crusade in 1191, Richard the Lion-Hearted of England, Philip II of France and Emperor Frederick Barbarosa were accompanied by numerous followers, among them a Richard Fowler. This Richard Fowler saved the life of Richard the Lion-Hearted during a surprise attack of the infidels on the Christian camp and was, as a result, knighted.Sir William of Ricot, Oxford is said to be fourth in descent from Sir Richard and is believed to be in our direct line. He is said to be the great grandfather of Reverend Christopher Fowler, through his son Thomas and grandson William. Reverend Christopher Fowler was born in 1611, 420 years after his ancestor, Sir Richard Fowler.Descendents of Franklin Francis Bedford Fowler may find it of interest that Sir William Fowler of Ricot was a resident of Bedford County. This Sir William was the father of Sir Richard Fowler, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Thomas, Esquire to the body of King Edward IV. Thomas was the father of Bryan Fowler of St. Thomas, Stratford; William Fowler of Harnage Grange, Shropshire and James Fowler of Perdford, Straffordshire. William Fowler, son of Thomas, is said to have been a poet in the court of James VI in 1560 and became in 1611, the father of Christopher Fowler. Reverend Christopher Fowler became a noted Presbyterian minister and married Elizabeth Burgess of Malborough. Christopher was the father of Joseph, Christopher, Mary, Sarah, Samuel and John Fowler. He died in 1676.John Fowler, the son of Rev. Christopher Fowler, arrived in Virginia from England about 1660 with his wife Mary. They settled in Henrico County, Virginia. John was a member of the Society of Friends, or the Quakers. On September 12, 1662, he received a grant in Henrico County for 100 acres and on October 30, 1673, one for an adjacent 390 acres, for transportation of 8 persons. Both of these claims were between Old Town Creek and the Appomatox River, west of Petersburg.The Fowler home was across the Appomatox River from Fort Henry. Being located between Richmond and Petersburg, this original home of the Fowlers in America was probably part of the battleground of some of the greatest carnage of the Civil War. Among several entries in the Quaker records on John Fowler, one of special interest was a 1672 visit to his home by George Fox, founder of the Quakers. John Fowler died before October 1, 1683, leaving three minor sons: John, Mark and Godfrey. On that date, Thomas Batte, Sr. was ordered in Henrico County court to serve as trustee for the estate of John Fowler and act as guardian for the Fowler orphans. In August of 1685, Mr. Batte was ordered to report on his guardianship of these orphans. In August 1687, John Davis was appointed guardian in place of Mr. Batte, who had failed to provide proper security for the estate.At the same time, Mark Fowler was granted his share of the estate, indicating that he had turned age 21. By 1691, both John and Mark Fowler were dead without issue, and Godfrey Fowler sued Thomas Batte in Henrico County court to deliver unto him, the sole surviving heir of John Fowler, his father's estate.Godfrey Fowler, son of John and Mary, was born in Henrico County about 1670 and was married before February 1695. On that date, a deed from Godfrey Fowler, planter, for a sale to John Wilson, Sr. of fifty acres in Bristol Parish of Henrico County was also signed by Susannah Fowler, wife of Godfrey. Godfrey is shown in Virginia records as having patented 3 parcels of land in Henrico County. Jointly with George Archer, he was granted January 22, 1717, 500 acres for the transportation of 10 people. On July 9, 1724, he was granted 300 acres and on August 17, 1725, and additional 400 acres.Godfrey Fowler's will was written on June 29, 1743 and proved the first Monday in May, 1747. It named his sons John, Mark, Godfrey, Thomas and Joseph Fowler and daughters Ann Hill Fowler and Martha Fowler Vaden. Apparently, Susannah was already dead, as she was not mentioned. To each of his sons, Godfrey bequeathed at least 200 acres. That of his dead son Thomas, was assigned to Thomas' widow Phebe in trust for their sons William and Josiah. That of his son Joseph was given to Thomas Ellis, to whom Joseph had sold his interest upon his move to North Carolina. Each of the daughters received a single piece of furniture - Ann, a sealskin trunk and Martha, a leather chair. Additionally, Mark received all the cattle in his possession and release from his debts to his father, Joseph received one shilling sterling and Godfrey Jr, who was named executor, received everything not specifically mentioned in Godfrey's Estate. Witnesses to the will were John Parkenson, Henry Dance and Allick Moore.


  1. My name is Kevin L. Fowler, and we have an identical lineage up to Godfrey Fowler, whereas I am descended through his namesake Godfrey Fowler, Jr. and you through his brother--Joseph Fowler.

    I would like to talk to you more--through e-mail. Please contact me at KevinLFowler[at]

  2. By the way, I am from Tennessee--and I am also a firm Believer--guess it runs in the Fowler water ;)

  3. By the way, I added your information listed above in my family tree. You are my 8th cousin once removed...

  4. Also related through the Fowler line, Godfrey Fowler Jr.
    We live in North Carolina.
    Descended from Elijah W. Fowler. And we are firm believers, too!

  5. I also attached this info to our family tree. And, I love your quote on Mormonism!

  6. Also related through the Fowler line:
    Godfrey Jr. > America, Sr. > America Jr. > Deborah Catherine (Fowler) Lambert > William Lambert > Ida Rebecca (Lambert) Wolverton > my dad > me

    Glad I found your site. I'm a believer!