Saturday, May 15, 2010

Banner Elk

Yesterday we started getting ready to go to a foster parent conference in Banner Elk.

I got up and helped clean the house and then laid down with Ben for a nap.

Mom went to the store while we were sleeping so when he got up I took him out to play.

He liked playing with the chicken fence 

Mama came home.

He fell over trying to watch mom. 

Next it was time to clean out the suburban for the trip,

Next it was time to pack, camera equipment was first.

The guitar was next, The worship team got in a little practice weekend.
I love my guitar, I got it last year for my birthday, it's a 1999 Taylor 410.

And of course some clothes.

And then I got the job of packing up, we travel pretty light for 7 people, of course it was only two days and one night though.

Then we were off, as we got closer we could see Grand Father Mountain.

I have a lot of good pictures of the kids playing at the park, those will be for another post. 

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