Wednesday, May 12, 2010

15 Minutes a Day...Invites Your Sin Nature to Play?

You have heard it before, "If you just have 15 minutes in the morning to pray and read your Bible that's all you need, and it will make your whole day go better." This is a very popular thing to say for most evanjellyfish pastors. It's funny that this logic would not be used in relation to your wife/husband, a relationship of much lesser importance. People don't say "Well honey, I got 5 minutes to give you this morning and that's all, maybe I'll talk to you for a few seconds at lunch and dinner too, but I'm only doing this so I can be happy and my day will go better and it will ease my consciousness of the guilt of not spending much time with you." Look where our emphasis is placed, it's on us, what we can get out of it, and while we should study our Bible to learn more and to grow more, many people get burned out on personal devotions when they're not getting something out of it every single time they pray or read their Bible. If we would read our Bible and pray and spend time with Jesus just for the sake of spending time with Him, just out of love for Him, then it wouldn't bother us if we didn't always get some practical little antidote to solve a problem in our lives. The Captain of our salvation, who fulfilled the whole law for us and suffered the punishment due to our sins warrants more than 15 minutes a day does He not?

Well I went to the new dentist monday, I liked it a lot better then the place we used to go to. the place is much more welcoming and friendly, I have to go back again next monday to get a filling on the other side of my mouth. :(

I worked on the chicken coop yesterday, I set all the post for the fence, and made a door and fenced in half of the fence. I'm hoping to be done with the fence, and possibly with the whole thing today. I still have to make some nesting boxes, a waterer and feeder, and I still need to make a ramp so the chickens can get into the coop.

Good news, it's only going to cost about $200 to fix my truck, the universal joint broke, and was pretty easy to fix, he said that's probably the reason it rattled so much when I accelerate. Hopefully it will be smoother now.

Right now we are going through a 30 day period before we can file for adoption for Kiki. After that it will take 90 days to go through, but we are going to ask that the 90 days be waived to speed things up.
We are almost there.


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  1. You know, we found it much more economical to buy the feeder and the waterer than building them. Might want to check out TSC when you come back over this way. ~CS