Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Ben went this morning to have his tongue clipped,

He is still very sleepy and dizzy from the drugs. But he is doing fine other than that.

They did confirm that he has paralysis on the left side of his throat which is probably more of the reason he has trouble eating, but hopefully having his tongue clipped will help with his speech. 
It will take years of training for Ben to get used to eating solid food without the use of the left side of his throat, Please pray for him as he still technically has what is called Failure to Thrive, he is not wasting away, but he is not gaining much weight or meeting his growth goals. He continues to get 99% of his nourishment from milk fortified with Neosure and baby cereal. 

We are working really hard on getting the logs peeled,  I think we got 7 peeled yesterday.
We have three more on the rack we are on and then we will have two more racks after that. 
We are hoping to be done within the next few weeks.        

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  1. Thanks for the update. Little fella's in our prayers!