Thursday, May 27, 2010


The family went out to Maggie's Galley for dinner, it is a small sea food place in Waynesville. The building is made up of three different 150 to 200 year old log cabins that were brought in from Tennessee and NC.
What I don't understand is why all the Floridians come here and eat sea food, I think the only other people that were there were from Florida.
Anyway I hade some broiled jumbo shrimp and some delicious key lime pie,  

This is the bottom rack.

This is the next rack up. 

One of the logs slid off the rack (it slid to where the stroller is) We hooked a pulley up to a tree and then tied the rope to a truck and the other end to the log and pulled it back up. 
The chain that was "protecting" it from sliding came unhooked when I turned the log and down it went. 

It's official, Baby Girl is the cutest three month old in our family:) 

Cuteness with digital enhancements!  
(The bugs on her blanky look like they are glowing.) 

For anyone interested, Scott Brown and Peter Bradrick from the National Center for Family Integrated Churches will be holding a mini conference at our Church Simple Truth Bible Fellowship on July 5th.
All are welcome to come, please go to our website,
Click on the little dealybob and register if you want to come. 

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