Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Many Mansions In My Chickens House.

Well yesterday for some reason I decided to build a chicken coop, we have wanted to have chickens ever since we moved here but never had time, 


Now I know the Bible says that he who boast should not boast in his awesome chicken coop building skills, but I don't mind telling you that this is pretty much a veritable Taj-Mahal for chickens. 
I fixed the back window so it opens up like a hatchback, so that we can line the back with nesting boxes and open the hatchback to get the eggs. I still have to fashion some sort of sliding door for the front, and make a ramp, and seal up the windows with hardware fabric, and make a fence around the outside.

We went out and bought a bunch of stuff for mothers day including some little grills to grill burgers on, it took them a while to figure out how to put it together, it was way more complicated then it needed to be.

Baby Girl was happy 

All the none-mom girls made deserts and we brought some deserts, we had no shortage of deserts. 

All around I think it was a nice mothers day. 

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