Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Ben has officially become Benjamin David Fowler today, Mom will pick up the decree the next time she goes for visitation for baby girl. We are so happy.
 I have wanted a little brother ever since I was a few years older than Benjamin but not much has changed though now that it's official, at least not for me anyway, we accepted him as our own long ago, but there is something inside that breathes a sigh of relief knowing that nothing can change. If they came and took him before to another family we would have had to tearfully give him up, but now he is our own, he isn't going away ever. 
It's kind of weird thinking about the fact that I will be in my 30s when he is learning to drive. I'm sure my parents are thinking the same thing about themselves, I am so happy that I will be able to influence what kind of man he will be some day, and when he is old enough he can join me in building log cabins.  He still a long road ahead of him, We already know that he has asthma, Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia, eating disorders, and delays due to pre mature birth, he could also develop a form of muscular dystrophy know as Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease.  None of this scares us or changes anything, we know God will provide for and take care of Ben-Jo.
Some would think it strange to take in children at this period in life, most would think it outrageous to take in more children in the 800 sq ft home we are currently living in, add to that home schooling all 5 of us, training us for life roughly 112 hours a week through work, play, worship, ect. and you have a family who is outright insane. But what else would the Lord have us do?  I cannot think of a higher calling than that of the Father and Mother, the means by which God has ordained the advancement of His Kingdom. The family was the first institution that God created, it was designed by God to be an condescending  archetypal portrayal of Christ and His bride the Church. Husbands are called to be Christ in relation to their wives, what a high calling! This is the standard they are held to, to lay down their lives even as Christ laid down His. Now you see why men fall so short, look at the mark. I would love to go through the Bible and make a list of all the things Christ did in relation to the Church (which is everything he has ever done) and what the Church is to do in relation to Christ. Anyway the family is  holy and sacred, ordained by God Himself. We believe that the family ought to be a unit, moving as one, conquering as one, living as one, and worshiping as one. 

I have many more things bouncing around in my head that want to get out but it's late and I have to get up early and work on the foundation, we are getting very close to being ready to pour concrete, pray for sunny weather so we can get it done.  

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