Wednesday, May 5, 2010


We got all of the piers set today and hopefully we will finish backfilling by friday when we are hoping to pour concrete.

Mom found out about a college founded by Arnold Pent in the 1960s called The Homestead College Of Bible And Graduate School where the whole curricula is composed of the Bible, not other mens philosophies and ideas, just the Bible. An Associates course is a basic study of 33 books of the Bible with different concentrations you can choose from, a Bachelors course is a study of all 66 books, A Masters course is an intense study of all 66 books of the Bible while honing in on specific concentrations such as Biblical Arts, Law, Counseling, Missiology, ect. And a Doctors is a more intense study of the same.  
The whole thing is done online on your own time and it cost a fraction of what a typical education at a formal seminary would cost. This is something I would really like to do because I hope to become a pastor one day and I believe an intense formal study of the entire Bible would be very beneficial. Even if I didn't want to be a pastor I would still want to do something like this. Whether it's something I do soon or later on in my life I don't know but I definitely would like to do it at some point.

"In the further development of The Homestead College of Bible, together with the Graduate School, I also have become convinced that the Bible is the one indispensable and completely reliable source of learning, wisdom and understanding, both for personal life, and for public and professional practice."

   -David A. Pent, ThD, LBD, DD, LLD, President

Wow I just tried to spell the word whether, but I spelled wether instead, and spell check didn't pick it up, but it didn't look right so I looked it up in the dictionary. It means "A castrated ram" 
Hmmmm not exactly what I wanted to say, H it's missing the H!!! 

"Stretch out Thine arm, Victorious King,
My reigning sins subdue;
Drive the old dragon from his seat,
With all his hellish crew.
A guilty weak, and helpless worm,
On thy kind arms I fall;
Be thou my strength and righteousness,
My Jesus,  and my all."

- Isaac Watts, O Help My Unbelief. 



  1. That school sounds very intriguing. To me, even. I wouldn't mind having a guided study through the Bible! That is great to know, especially for Nathan.
    LOL about "wether". I guess you won't be making that mistake again!
    Love that verse from O Help My Unbelief...

  2. Whether, Wether, Weather... That is the question. Check out Larry the Cucumber singing the song "Homophones". It will make you smile.