Thursday, June 3, 2010


I been studying a lot lately about lighting as it relates to photography, and in my studying I found out that photography lighting equipment is super expensive, I was looking at small cloth box that you would use to put food in to photograph and it makes it look like it's in a room completely filled with light, $100...$100!!! For a small cloth box!!!!  
And the price for the actual lights and reflectors and umbrellas are just insane. I pretty much gave up hope that I could ever have equipment like that and would have to be content with using natural lighting as best I could. But I just stumbled on the guy who is a semi-professional photographer who uses work lights from Lowes (which can be had for less than 50 bucks) Then he uses a white sheet to diffuse the light, and uses a pvc frame with white cloth stretched over it as a reflector.
I always look at professional photographs and wondered why in the world I couldn't get pictures like that, it's all about the lighting. 

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